ICSA 2020 Presentation

Blockchain technologies have been increasingly adopted by enterprises to increase operational efficiency and enable new business models. These enterprise blockchain applications generally run on dedicated blockchain networks due to regulations and security requirements. The design process of these networks involves many decisions and trade-offs that impact security, governance, and performance of applications that run on them. The challenge is further exacerbated by the lack of a common architecture and concept map to communicate about blockchain networks, as blockchain technologies tend to use different concepts and architecture. This paper presents a concept map, an anatomy and the principal dimensions of the design space of blockchain networks. We applied the proposed design space in a case study about designing and deploying a blockchain network for an ad-hoc IoT infrastructure. We found that the design space brought structure to the design process and the analysis of design alternatives. The presented concept map, anatomy and design space are intended to help improve the blockchain network design practice and lay a foundation for future research on the design process and deployment automation of blockchain networks.

Nguyen Khoi Tran & M. Ali Babar - The University of Adelaide



Ingkarni Wardli, The University of Adelaide
Adelaide, SA 5005